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Spark new energy into your Grand Theft Auto III experience on your PC with this free tool that lets you customize the game's images.

While the much-played Grand Theft Auto III is well over a decade old, it retains millions of fans around the globe. Gamers adore most of the GTA titles, and they especially love GTA III.

Rockstar Games, the series' savvy makers, have long-known how to build and perpetuate an audience. They hyped up GTA III's release and later capitalized on its success by releasing five more titles related to GTA III's plot.

Now that GTA III is "ancient" in video game years, this freeware title can help you bring new life to your copy of the game. IMG Tool works with the original GTA III, as well as Rockstar's Vice City and San Andreas releases, which are spin-offs of the GTA III plot.

With this tool, you can modify the files from which the three games derive certain images. Specifically, this tool helps you update the games with new buildings, car-rim designs and weapons. Once you download this freeware, you can find compatible image packs online to upload through it.

Some players will find using this image archive updater a bit involved, while others will find it a breeze. No matter your bent, always backup your files before you use this type of tool. You do not want to make a mistake that negatively alters or ruins your gaming experience!

Once you download IMG Tool, you can find videos online that show you how to use it.

After you have used IMG Tool to modify your GTA III or related files, have fun playing your "new" version of an old game you have probably loved to play for years!


  • IMG Tool helps you "breathe new life" into Grand Theft Auto III and two of its spin-offs.
  • Most gamers possess the technical knowledge to easily use this freeware.
  • This title lets you change the buildings you see in GTA III's environment.
  • You can also use IMG Tool to modify your available weapons and rims.


  • To use this tool, you must be comfortable with modifying program files on a PC.
  • Failure to backup your game's files before using IMG Tool can lead to important-data loss.

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